The most advanced solution for Outdoor Radiant Sub-Terrain Heating! A complete solution with all accessories! Ideal for sub-terrain applications

  • Flat ribbon
  • High efficiency
  • Durable in extreme environment conditions
  • Suitable for applications with hot & cold asphalt, concrete & bricks
  • Heavy duty PVC coating

About MdsHeat Driveway Outdoor Ribbon™ MdsHeat Driveway Outdoor Ribbon™ is the ideal solution for individual home owners as well as property management companies, shopping malls, open parking areas in extreme cold conditions. MdsHeat Outdoor Ribbon™ is also suitable for heating sporting surfaces, tarmac areas, as well as industrial use in warming of all types of pipes. MdsHeat Outdoor Ribbon™ enables efficient applications for roads and bridges, private homes and mall access ways,  exits & rooftops, airports, as well as for agriculture applications. MdsHeat Outdoor Ribbon™ is an ultimate solution for driveways, access ways, sidewalks and parking areas, roof tops to prevent accumulation of ice. Icing of such areas is a common disturbance for normal traffic in cold environment. Heating the area creates traction to prevent skidding of vehicles and pedestrians. The use of sub-terrain heating minimizes the need for de-icing measures such as salt, which harms the surface. It will decrease injuries and accidents in the areas treated with MdsHeat Outdoor Ribbon™.

MdsHeat Outdoor Ribbon™ can be applied under all types of surfaces:

  • Concrete
  • Hot asphalt
  • Cold asphalt
  • Bricks
  • The most advanced, efficient and versatile outdoor systems for all types of substrates & coverings.
  • Energy saving sub-terrain heating system can be operated with alternative electricity sources such as PV panels and more.
  • As a result of the flat design, nearly the entire heat capacity is used in the desired surface direction. Round cables lose a part of the heat capacity in an unwanted direction causing energy loss.

  • Larger surface area for snow melting and/or De-icing
  • A considerable reduction in investment and  operational costs
  • Maintenance free system resulting in a continuous availability (maintenance only required in case of remote monitoring/service)
  • Temperature control per field section
  • Estimulates the growth of the grass roots.
  • Energy saving

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