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MdsHeat is the complete indoor and outdoor heating systems solution with all required accessories.

MdsHeat produces and markets the most advanced under floor heating systems for all kind of flooring. Based on its unique technology MdsHeat provides two lines of indoor products: mdsMat, a unique crystalline ribbon mat for indoor usage, as well as a variety of outdoor applications and Roll’n’Warm, a flexible heating film for parquets, laminates and carpets.

Our MdsHeat Outdoor Ribbon™ is especially designed for driveways / Roof tops snow & ice melting – a No Slip solution.

MdsHeat Outdoor Ribbon™ enables efficient applications for roads and bridges, sidewalks and parking areas, private home and mall access ways, exits & roof tops, airports, as well as for industrial use in warming of all type of pipes and agriculture applications.
The company seeks distributors for under floor heating products, flooring retailers, DIY retail chains and construction companies to distribute its products.

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