MDS Agricultural Heating Systems

MDS Plates, Mats & Outdoor Ribbon for Agriculture applications

Efficiency is almost 100% – electrical energy completely directed to heated area.

Heating set up time to desired temperature is faster than any other system – the ribbon reaches 47°C (1170F) in 5 minutes!

The Ribbon heats the floor surface faster and save electricity costs.

The Ribbon is at least 20%-30% more cost effective comparing to water tube systems.

Installed directly under any floating floors or field, to save energy and labor.

MDS Mats system is maintenance free.

No need for a special extra room for the system, such as room for boilers.

Can be connected to alternative energies – PV, Solar, wind turbines

No combustion is used in the heating process – Green energy

No danger from gas pipes leakage or damages due to water leakage

MDS Heating Plates system for Greenhouse

The most advanced solution for breeding & implanting tables in greenhouses   

How the plate is working?

MDS Plates are constructed of an ultra-thin Crystalline ribbon – 2/1000th

of an inch (40-200 microns) – embedded in a fiberglass / epoxy isolated 100% water proof plates.

The plates are positioned under the plants trays and are giving a direct heat to the plant root.

The temperature is controlled by a thermostat and can operate accurately to a desired temperature by a sensor that is installed inside the ground around the plant root

The power consumption of the plates is calculated by MDS team based on variable inputs given by the buyer needs.

How do I install the Plate?

MDS Plates are a plug and play product, placing them on the table, under the plants trays and plugging them in to the electrical socket.

The desired temperature is achieved by using a thermostat with a sensor plugged into the plant roots, and commanding the plate to be on or off.

The only complete OEM plug & play soution!