MdsHeat startup factory provides advanced indoor & outdoor heating solutions for residential & commercial spaces. Its leading-edge under-floor heating systems provides comfortable natural warmth while enable total freedom in architectural and interior design. As a proven source for technologically advanced, dependable heating solutions, MdsHeat factory products are widely used in new constructions and in renovation projects.

MdsHeat’s under-floor heating systems provide pleasant, evenly distributed heating. The heating provided by us is fast and energy efficient due to mdsHeat’s factory cutting edge proprietary technology. Special attention is given by MdsHeat factory  to all aspects of electrical safety codes has yielded electromagnetic emissions that is just 2.1% of the established permissible values.
 Highly Efficient, Versatile Heating Solutions

MdsHeat factory offers two families of products:

MdsMat™: Based on innovative, flat-profile heating ribbon technology, MdsMat™ can be applied both indoors & outdoors. Indoors for heating under:

  • TilesMarble
    – Ceramic-tiled flooring
    – Carpet
    – Parquet
    – Wood in newly built
    – Renovated premises
  • Roll’n’Warm™: Based on flexible carbon printed film technology. This ultra-thin thermal film is applied indoors under:
    – Laminates
    – Carpets

Harnessing Innovative Technology
MdsHeat’s proprietary metal alloy technology enables advanced heating products that have excellent conductivity efficiency and as a result, operate at low currents and require no transformers. MdsHeat’s physical products properties are equally excellent, featuring unmatched flexibility and durability. The products are developed and manufactured in-house in state-of-art production facilities in compliance with international standards and they carry an extensive warranty.

All of MdsHeat factory  products are designed for easy installation. MdsHeat  factory products come in a wide array of standard shapes and sizes to facilitate an optimum, easy fit to the floor plan. For large orders, custom sizes are available,Can be produced according to the property demand over certain quantities.

MdsHeat  products with their flexibility and ultra-thin profile enable cost effective & convenient transportation.

mdsMat™comes with netting to speed placement. Both mdsMat™ & Roll’n’Warm™ are ready for connection to a central electrical power distribution point, with all required accessories included.  This provides complete installation-ready solutions.
As part of MdsHeat’s commitment to excellent service, we, at MdsHeat work closely with distribution partners to ensure smooth planning and execution of each project. MdsHeat  also provides training, materials and design calculators.

Partnering for Success
MdsHeat , founded in 2004, is lead by a management team with extensive technology development, manufacturing and marketing experience, and has a solid financial backing.
Headquartered in Israel, MdsHeat  sells its products worldwide via a network of distributors.