The MdsHeat Weekly Programming Thermostat is used for 2-position control with on/off output for the control the temperature by means of an NTC sensor placed externally or internally in the thermostat.
The thermostat acquires the actual temperature with its built-in sensor or floor sensor, and the heating contact will close when the room temperature falls below the selected set point.

For the control of direct electric heating systems used in Commercial buildings, Residential buildings, Light industrial buildings…


7 Days programmable function for energy-saving operation

On/off control output for heating device

Symbol indicator when heating is on

Temperature limitation function for protecting the floor

Current room temperature displaying when the thermostat is switched-off

“Key-lock” function for protecting the settled parameters (especially suitable for Public Places)

Technical data

Voltage: AC230V 50 ~ 60 Hz

Power consumption: 2W

Setting range: 5℃~90℃ (can adjust to 35℃ – 90℃)

External Limitation range: 5℃~60℃ (factory setting: 35℃)

Switching differential: 0.5 – 10℃ (adjustable, factor setting ±1℃)

Ambient temperature: 5~50℃

Protective housing: IP20

Housing material: anti-flammable PC

Floor sensor: rubber-thermoplastic NTC sensor, cable length is 3m