The Ultimate Indoor & Outdoor Heating Solution
MdsMat™ is a major advance in the field of under-floor heating systems. It is based on innovate heating ribbon technology developed by Mds Heat.

MdsHeat’s crystalline metal (CTR) heating ribbon features innovate molecular structure, using unique metal ribbon and combines high electrical resistance, high stability, high corrosion resistance, sufficient mechanical strength and significant plasticity. The CTR is made of crystalline metal, thus generating extremely even heating over the top of the floor covering along with superior heating performance.

In this technology a unique metal alloy replaces traditional electrical heating elements, achieving outstanding energy efficiency, safety, flexible installation and maintenance-free long life. The result is an in-floor heating system that provides quickly and evenly distributed natural warmth, exactly where it is needed in the home at any time.

As a world leading product for under-floor heating, the ribbon is based on a most advanced and proprietary solution. The ribbon is designed for various indoor & outdoor applications, and is very simple and convenient to install.

MdsMat™ provides superb heating performance under all types of flooring, in both new structures and renovated rooms, and also can be installed outdoors – making it the first, truly complete residential heating solution.
Widest range of applications: The technology behind the product confers to the MdsMat™ the high efficiency and plasticity that favorably distinguishes the CTR ribbon produced by Ideal Heat from other, commonly used heating cables, enabling its usage in a wide variety of applications.

Indoor Wide range of applications
Under floor heating mats for:

Tiled flooring

  • Outdoor – Applications for flat ribbon for ice prevention in residential areas:

Ice prevention (under asphalt, in concrete, etc.)

MdsMat™ Advantages

  • Superior Heating Performance
    Superb, even heat distribution – Due to the wide surface area
    Rapid heat transmission through floor – Heating effect is felt more quickly than with other in-floor heating methods
  • Super-easy, rapid installation
    Flexible standard sized flat ribbon mats cover all room sizes and shapes
    Connection ready: Each mat includes the heating ribbon, insolated connectors, mesh & electrical cables
    Pre-sized mats: Multiple size options, enabling easy, fast placement and connection to a central electrical outlet
  • Unmatched flexibility & durability
    Ultra-thin heating ribbon incorporated in PVC sheets, flexible silicone and rubber sheets
    Ultra-thin profile: Ensures floor surfaces remain smooth and enables retrofit
  • Complies with international standards
  • Highly cost effective
    Heat in each room is controlled individually
    No heat lost in transformers
    Lifetime maintenance free
    Direct-Heating mat: Possible for direct installation under most flooring material – conserves energy and speeds heating effect
    Low temperature operation

  • Total safety
    Integrated shielding and grounding
    Enhanced control/energy saving options:  Mdsheat room temperature thermostats combined with MdsMat™ enables limiting the room temperature by using the Floor/Air temperature sensor thus offering extra safety and energy saving
  •  Enhanced comfort and health
    Even distribution of heat prevents hot-spots
    Reduces circulation of airborne dust and contaminants: Radiant heat does not depend on moving large volumes of air
  • Installer support kit & training
    Assures rapid project planning and efficient installation

10 years warranty

Please see below MdsHeat range of sizes for North America and Worldwide

Technical data
 ROW                               USA & Canada
Standard widths 50cm & 100cm 20″ & 40″
Power Supply 230V 120V or 240V
Power density range 85 – 150W/m² 8 & 11W/SqFt