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MdsHeat Roll’n’Warm floor warming system provides even, comfortable warmth that permeates a room. With floor warming Roll’n’Warm, not only are surfaces warmed and people made comfortable, but the floor is warmed to just the right amount for it to be the most pleasant to walk and live upon.

MdsHeat flexible heating film is a leading solution for all parquets, laminates and wall to wall carpets covering. It is ideal for houses and high rise apartment buildings. Each room is individually controlled with an air and floor sensing thermostat assuring optimal comfort and electricity costs savings

MdsHeat‘s Roll’n’Warm – radiant floor warming systems is extremely energy efficient. Homeowners throughout the world use floor warming systems not only for their increased comfort levels, but also because they use as much as energy than other forms of heating, since all the heat energy is directed into the living space rather than heating the air along the walls. IdealHeat’s production facilities are controlled by the most advanced systems available, ensuring in this way that your heating system will be no less than the best everywhere.
MdsHeat experiences in heating technology make us a world leader in all manner of flexible conductive circuits. Let MdsHeat help you make your warming a pampering experience.

Low temperature heating (LTH): With LTH systems, user’s comfort increases on many aspects

  • More radiant heat transfer
  • Less temperature gradients
  • More comfortable floor temperature
  • Less draught and air turbulence

 The Indoor Air Quality is positively influenced:

  • Less dust mites
  • Better perceived air quality through lower air temperatures
  • Less SBS (Sick building syndrome) symptoms due to less suspended particles and decreased dust singe.

Energy cost saving: A further reduction of the energy use of buildings (needed to meet future global targets for emission reduction) implies that MdsHeat looks at ways to improve the heat generation process. The radiant heat transmission component of LTH systems is higher than for High Temperature systems. For example: due to the large surfaces and Low Temperatures, the radiant component of floor and wall heating is about 50 to 70%.
Roll’n’Warm is composed of a uniformed carbon coating over a polyester film. Electrical energy is brought into the film from Ideal Heat factory connected ‘cold’ cable leads (up to request), which connect to the copper strips and is transformed without loss into thermal energy.
MdsHeat Roll’n’Warm meats the coming years introduction of residential low energy heating systems requirements.

  • Ultra-thin flexible film
  • Even heat distribution
  • Highly energy efficient
  • Advanced safety features
  • Ideal for laminates & carpets
  • Easy installation

Roll’n’Warm™ is a complete under floor heating system based on advanced flexible film technology. This system provides unobtrusive, quickly and evenly distributed natural warmth, exactly where it is needed in the home at any time, with exceptional cost effectiveness. With traditional electrical heating elements replaced by a carbon film sheet, the Roll’n’Warm™ system achieves outstanding performance, delivering high energy efficiency and safety, flexible installation, and maintenance-free long life.

Roll’n’Warm™ is perfect for in-floor heating under parquet laminate surfaces. It enhances the value of new real estate developments and provides an ideal solution for renovations.

Roll’n’Warm™ advantages:

Superior Heating Performance

  • Even heat distribution – Due to the wide surface area
  • Direct warm of the floor is felt more quickly than with other heating methods

Super-easy installation

  • Supplied in rolls of 100m ≈ 300′ long that can be cut easily to any size
  • All connectors and their coverings are supplied with the system – upon request
  • Pre-assembled units available (cut to standard lengths, connected and insolated) – upon request
  • Ultra-thin profile ensures floor surfaces remain smooth
  • No work delays: laminates & carpets can be installed immediately after Roll’n’Warm installation

Total safety

  • Child-proof

Complies with international standards

Highly cost effective

  • Heat in each room is controlled individually
  • No heat lost in transformers
  • Lifetime maintenance free
  • Direct-Heating mat: Directly under carpet, laminate and wood flooring material – conserves energy and speeds heating effect (subject to Local Regulations / National Regulations)
  • Low temperature operation (25 – 35 °C fully adjustable) minimizes electricity consumption – up to 20% savings
  • Low capital cost

Compared to other solutions:

  • Supports most programmable thermostats for optimal cost effectiveness
  • Each room is controlled individually
  • No need for transformers. Enhanced comfort and health
  • Even distribution of heat – Creates a sensation of natural warmth and prevents hot-spots
  • Heat gradient control – dual thermostat system maintains constant, comfortable difference between floor and room temperatures
  • Reduces circulation of airborne dust and contaminants. Radiant heat does not depend on moving large volumes of air.

Installer support kit & training

  • Assures rapid project planning and efficient installation



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